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8410 SOLD

It's time to let go of my Alpha 8410 amplifier as I won't be on the air for a while and I won't have time to release any more changes to the Alpha Monitor software - I'll be open-sourcing the code soon so not to worry.  Since I'm QRT it's time to let someone else chase some DX with it. 

Some details of interest:

  • Achieves 1.5 kW out on all bands.  I'll provide the tune/load values that do so. 

  • Key-down test at 1.5 kW into an A2000 showed no variation in output over the entire six minute test

  • Most recent firmware (2.03m)

  • Newer metering resistors

  • Gain upgrade (four 22-ohm cathode resistors)

  • Original VTX-X118 labeled Penta Labs 4CX1000A tubes

  • Hypersil transformer

  • Orix axial blower

  • Original design T/R board that provides RF metering when in STBY (I think around 2013 a revision took metering out in STBY)
  • Comes with spare Schotky diodes for D1 and D2 on the T/R board (for input power metering)

  • Operated in a non-smoking environment

  • Will ship in factory boxes (transformer double-boxed, amp double-boxed separately)

Asking $2,200 with buyer paying shipping. 

Accepted payment methods:  Cashier's check or USPS Money Orders (it will require more than one) or PayPal.

Contact me with questions or offers.


Thanks for looking.