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This is the final version.  I no longer have an 8410 amplifier with which to test software releases and the days of having lots of time to devote to development are long gone.

                            Alpha Monitor 1.7.9.exe

See the Version History page for details of changes to this and prior releases. 

If you are concerned that AV products find anything suspicious about the monitor files, just know that when I compile a new monitor I scan the executable files (including the installer) with Norton Internet Security and McAfee VirusScan Enterprise before I make the files available for download.  I also digitally sign my executable files twice - once with a SHA-1 based signature that XP and Vista can understand and again with a SHA-256 based signature for Windows 7 and beyond.  These signatures are validated by Windows when the file is downloaded.  If the signature is good the file hasn't been tampered with since I signed it.  If the signature is invalid, Windows will block the installer from running.  Digital signatures mitigate the possibility of someone downloading the monitor, wrapping it with malware and posting it as the unmodified original.

Thanks & 73