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Normally there will be two versions available - the current version and one version back.  The newest version will have the latest features but is less tested than the older version.  See the Version History page for details.

NOTE: Recently Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials started blocking the download of the files hosted here.
The underlying issue is that Microsoft's anti-virus (AV) products block the download of zip files containing EXE files because they could be malicious. It's a heuristic detection (i.e. a possible behavior) rather than a malware detection.  Up to this point I've been zipping the monitor installer EXE file because Google Sites (where this site is hosted) doesn't allow hosting of EXE files.  By placing the EXE files on my support forum (hosted by Nabble - the same place the Elecraft reflector is hosted) I avoid the need to zip the installer as Nabble does allow EXE files.  And this eliminates the need for you to unzip the file before installing.

                            Alpha Monitor 1.7.9.exe

                            Alpha Monitor 1.7.8.exe           

If you are concerned that AV products find anything suspicious about the monitor files, just know that when I compile a new monitor I scan the executable files (including the installer) with Norton Internet Security and McAfee VirusScan Enterprise before I make the files available for download.  I also digitally sign my executable files twice - once with a SHA-1 based signature that XP and Vista can understand and again with a SHA-256 based signature for Windows 7 and beyond.  These signatures are validated by Windows when the file is downloaded.  If the signature is good the file hasn't been tampered with since I signed it.  If the signature is invalid, Windows will block the installer from running.  Digital signatures mitigate the possibility of someone downloading the monitor, wrapping it with malware and posting it as the unmodified original.

If you run into issues with AV products complaining about the monitor, please contact me.  Let me know what AV product and version you're using and the AV detection name.

Thanks & 73


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