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Pelican Storm Cases for the K-Line

I like to take my K-Line with me on vacation and have found the Pelican brand Storm cases to be perfect for protecting my investment and help ensure they arrive intact.

Since I don't always have room for the KPA500 amplifier I utilize two Storm cases - one for the K3 and P3 together and another case for the KPA500.  The Storm iM2600 is perfectly sized for the K3 and P3 and the Storm iM2400 is sized right for the KPA500.

Just a note on Pelican Storm cases.  Pelican has its original line of hard cases and the Storm line was the result of the acquisition of Hardigg Cases.  I chose the Storm line because the plastic is more flexible and matte finished whereas Pelican's original line is very hard plastic and rather shiny.  The Storm cases also have superior latches that are quiet and easy on the fingers as well as a very comfortable over-molded rubber handle. Both lines of cases are water-tight and have pressure relief valves.

Storm iM2600 for K3 and P3

Storm iM2400 for KPA500

Making Things Fit

The Pelican Storm iM2400 is comprised of four foam layers - a convoluted layer in the lid, two layers with 1/2 inch pre-cut pieces and a bottom layer.

The Pelican Storm iM2600 has an additional layer of cubed foam.

Layout the K3 and P3 so edges align with foam grid of pre-cut 1/2 inch pieces.

Mark the desired edge with tape and remove the foam pieces.

Use a sharp knife to assist in removing the pre-cut cubes.  They're still attached and the point of attachment is either separate by hand (i.e. tearing) or a knife can be used to cut the point of attachment.

With the foam removed from the first cubed layer, do a trial fit to make sure you want to proceed with the same foam removal in the next layer down.

Repeat for the KPA500 and the iM2400 case.

The KPA500 center of mass somewhat determined the placement to one side. There's enough cubed foam remaining to make a slot for small items if you like.

Whereas the K3 and P3 weren't quite flush with the top of the cubed foam layer, the KPA500 is recessed about a quarter of an inch.

Ready for Transport

Now you're ready for vacation or your DXpedition.

I'll be the first to admit if you're packing for vacation, using Pelican cases makes your gear take up a lot of space!  But, you know it will arrive in good shape.

Foam Templates

Click on the images for full size templates..

  • If you cut or pull out the wrong foam pieces, super glue (cyanoacrylate) works well to put back the missing pieces.  I pulled out the unused foam as one piece.  Stuffing that back in makes it easy to keep glued pieces in place.

  • Sliding plastic cases around on carpet generates a lot of static on the cases making it attract pet hair and lint.  I used 303 aerospace protectant on the exterior and gaskets.  This cuts down the static but also acts as a release for dirt or whatever does get on the cases.